Instant Karma

Ik5 600
Instant Karma is the perfect blend of timeless hits and masterful originals in our unique acoustic and intimate arrangements.

This is what happens when a tornado meets a volcano! Instant Karma is all about taking all your favorite timeless classics and todays hits and giving it our signature touch, we are the perfect blend of masterful originals and tasteful covers, come and take a trip on our magic carpet! Based out of Miami, they can be seen all around South Florida, from The Keys to West Palm Beach and beyond!

Mabel - originally from New York, has played in numerous high profile bands and has worked on numerous recording projects. She is an amazing songwritter and has the voice and passion that is a rare find these days, she can touch your soul with just one note. Once you hear her, you will agree

Tony - orginally from New Jersey is an multi-talented guitarist, vocalist and writer with extensive live performance experience ranging from large stages to intimate clubs. He is also endorsed by KJL,- New Orleans hand-made boutique tube amplifiers.